Just pondering… as nothing in our visible surface existence is remotely ever as it seems. This is true when it comes to the larger seemingly Newtonian world of large events such as those on the giant chessboard of geopolitics. What if:

I agree with Michael Snyder (always been a big fan of his work) What Trump pulled off was a miracle, at least so far it is. Could it be that what he created was the first move in a Kabuki dance with the Iranians, almost as if scripted? In fact, this may sound totally out there, but there is a very strong case to be made that Soleimani could have been a major impediment to better relations with Iran’s leadership, as he was the most dedicated force undermining peace and stability of the entire region as the leader carrying the flame of revolutionary Shiite fervor. Is it possible that the inner circle of Iran’s leadership concluded that it was time for him to go? However, they could not be the direct culprits in his demise for obvious reasons. Certainly, anyone relying on Beltway Think-tank pundits for the answer is looking in the exactly wrong place.

It was Soleimani and his Quds forces that were behind the repression of the peoples uprising against the tyranny of the Iranian Mullahs, such that his timely death at the hands of outside forces may have been the necessary catalyst for true reform. The Iranians/Persians are a very sophisticated people, they have been for thousands of years, long before the hubris of Western civilization and the the moral degradation of military empire ever germinated. The Iranians revolted eventually against the suppression of the US-trained Savak, the Shah’s secret police and then the West CIA/Globalist elites put in the Shah’s place Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini who had been in training in France for years prior to the final days of the expulsion of the Shah. It was all a planned process from the very start.

They may be getting ready to blow again, thanks in part to the Trump/US-led sanctions. Believe me, behind closed doors the middle and upper-class business elites in Iran are not wearing burkas and somber black robes. Liquor and western music and thought are prevalent in the privacy of many a home. We have seen them in the streets, suppressed by the authoritarian regime yes, but that suppression was enforced in good part by Soleimani.

Given that the recent funeral for the fallen hero had thousands in the streets, one might question all of this, however, there is very strong evidence that a vast majority of these supplicants were paid meals and a stipend to perform, just as the Soros/Obama Antifa army is in the United States. Time will tell, obviously. However, a door has been opened. Let us hope that the Deep State and Neocon warmongers and Imperialists still dominating the Trump State Department, CIA and their bought and compromised lackeys in the Congress, fueled by their propagandists in the Mainstream Media joyous over the prospects of war and Trump’s destruction, do not overtake the opportunities presented.

Trump has, once again, called the bluff of the Operation Mockingbird press and the absurd, anti-American insanity of the desperate, thoroughly corrupt political class in Washington. As Warren Buffet once said, “don’t get caught skinny dipping when the tide goes out”. Thousands of the servile, globalist establishment in Washington, from the permanent bureaucracies and political class of both parties, along whith their Tavistock paid meme builders in the “within the Beltway” Think Tanks, have been caught naked with the tide out, once again.

The world must unite now. We must overcome the evil that has gripped us all for many generations, and yes, it is of Biblical proportions and is Satanic. We are faced with the prospects of natural and unstoppable planetary and solar forces in the very near future that the established globalist power elites have been aware of for many years. They know that nature is far, far more powerful than humanity and that the forces of nature are cyclical. They have sought to control us before these forces are unleashed but are running scared against the clock of the universe. We have one chance. That chance is now.

Everybody In America Should Stand Up And Applaud President Trump Because He Just Changed The Course Of History—–Michael Snyder

If someone else had been in the White House, this crisis could have easily turned out much differently.  Sadly, most Americans have no idea that we were literally on the brink of the beginning of World War 3 this week.  In fact, our population is so clueless about the rest of the world that 75 percent of all registered voters can’t even find Iran “on an unlabeled map of the globe”.  We literally live in an “idiocracy” where a third of the country can’t even name a single branch of government.  For most Americans, the alarming headlines about Iran will soon fade from memory, and they will just go on with their lives as if nothing really happened.  But the truth is that we were right on the precipice of a cataclysmic war that could have resulted in millions upon millions of deaths.  And a major war in the Middle East could still start at literally any time, but President Trump’s brave decision has at least delayed it for now.

When Iran fired more than a dozen ballistic missiles at U.S. bases in Iraq, it would have been so easy for President Trump to order an immediate military response.

But he didn’t.

Instead, he waited for an accurate damage assessment to be completed, and it turned out that no Americans had been killed or injured.

The Iranians possess very accurate weapons, and so at first a lot of people were quite puzzled by this.  But then, later on, it started to become obvious that the Iranians “may have intentionally missed” their targets.  In other words, this attack was essentially the equivalent of “a warning shot”…

Everybody In America Should Stand Up And Applaud President Trump Because He Just Changed The Course Of History

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January 17, 2020
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