We Need Another Joseph McCarthy In America, And We Need Him Desperately!

The Slow Communist Subversion Of The United States Has Culminated In The Brett Kavanaugh Case

I have been very aware of the communist/totalitarian socialist agenda in America for many years now, as any serious student of American history able to cut through the propaganda and brainwashing machinery that is our educational system, our media and even many of our churches. It started long before the Bolshevik Revolution but truly took form when Woodrow Wilson and his progressive (communist) comrades made sure that Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Lenin would arrive safely in Moscow accompanied ultimately by the financial support of very prominent American financiers and industrialists.

The insidious, covert infiltration metastasized from then, accelerated by America’s most prominent foundations to the present malignancy that is so close to devouring its host. Senator McCarthy was correct, yet failed because of his personality and gruffness, we can only hope that the same does not happen to President Trump. In, fact McCarthy was way off base, the penetration of deeply committed communists and communist sympathizers had by then ascended into the highest offices of our government and our major corporations. It has been a well-planned assault, and a not very invisible plan at that, for hidden in plain sight has been the words of the perpetrators themselves over the past 100 plus years.

From the Fabians like John Dewey, the founder of modern progressive education to the heads of the Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Ford Foundations, the former two setting the communist tones even prior to the world-changing events of 1917 to the members of the Frankfurt School that invaded America in their escape from Nazi Germany and Austria, to the likes of Saul Alinsky who was the subject of adulation in the Yale graduate thesis of Hillary Clinton and a guiding light of former communist trained Barak Obama, their words were loud and very clear. However, is as if these words available to all never existed.

The invasion, the penetration of communist and totalitarian social fascism was almost complete until Trump. We have one chance to save this nation and, as we once did at Lexington and in 1776, America can become the shining light on a hill whose beacon dispels the darkness engulfing Europe and the world.

It is beyond the experience of man to think about any type of conspiracy. They have never had occasion to exercise their minds in this direction, and it is not surprising given the type and scope of education they have undergone, or the sum total of their life experience. That is precisely what the controllers count on, and any attempt to enlighten man to the contrary is swiftly put down.

The average person cannot comprehend far-reaching changes, nearly always for the worse that are taking place in other areas of the nation and the world as a conspiracy, let alone even begin to understand that they are part of a deliberately engineered plan to bring about severe dislocations and disruption, less still that these events do not occur by happenstance.

Even beyond the question of how Americans elected a man incubated in a radical comfort zone peopled by Stalinists, Maoists, card-carrying Communists, socialists, and postmodern revolutionaries unhelpfully obscured as “Alinskyites,” and who first ran for elected office as both a Democrat and socialist (New Party) “fusion” candidate, how did this topic of crucial public interest became a conversation ender, something to wave off, frantically, like a bad smell? Or, alternatively, how did a topic so important to the future of the nation become a laugh-track prompt? There was something unnatural about the taboo from the start.

To be sure, back in 2008 many conservatives believed that simply unmasking Obama’s inner Marxist, really laying it out in plain sight for voters to see, would inevitably trigger a dramatic shift in support away from Obama and toward a GOP ticket that was at least a marginally safer bet than the anti-American abyss Obama beckoned toward. Surely, the facts would lead Americans to conclude that a candidate who embraced Frantz Fanon, the “Marx of the Third World,” and assorted anti-American revolutionists rather than philosophers of free enterprise and liberty was wholly unsuitable for the presidency.

I know I felt that way even over noxious revelations about Obama’s close, twenty-year-long association with the Rev. Jeremiah “God damn America” Wright. Funny to say “even.” I actually thought it was all over for Obama. (I even predicted it on national television.) It was hard to let the notion go. In the waning days of the campaign, The New Criterion’s Roger Kimball gallantly argued that an abiding belief that ideology—Obama’s—mattered. The occasion was the late-breaking emergence online (never in the mainstream media) of a 2001 radio interview with Obama on WBEZ in Chicago.

In a real tour-de-Marx performance, Obama is heard bemoaning constitutional restraints on state powers and the fact that the Civil Rights–era Warren Court “never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth.” He also plugs “community organizing activities on the ground” that create “coalitions of power through which you bring about redistributive change.” Got that? Not hope and change—redistributive change.

How did President Wilson come to be involved with Leon Trotsky, an out-and-out anti-Christian revolutionary, whose openly avowed intention was to go to Russia to overthrow its legitimate government? By what power and authority did Wilson demand, and get, the release of Trotsky from police custody in Canada? Surely Wilson’s presidential powers did not extend to Canada, so who, or what person or major institution, arranged this extraordinary event? How could a non-American citizen get a United States passport? Such things are usually impossible to arrange, even for large sums of money, yet here was this firebrand revolutionary, who had spent a lot of time railing against the U.S. Government, setting sail for Russia with abundant money and a United States passport to which he was not entitled. And when arrested, he is miraculously released!

Why did Sweden co-operate with the scheme? How did German master-spy Willy Munzenberg come to be a close associate of Lenin‘s? One does not just “come from nowhere” and pull off such stunning triumphs.

For only a force far superior to anything hitherto known could have arranged the epic journeys of Trotsky and Lenin. Most people believe in happenstance and we appear to be wedded to the notion that things just happen, never that they evolve from a series of events, seemingly unrelated, but a careful student of world events soon learns otherwise

It becomes apparent that nothing happens by chance and that seemingly unrelated events are connected, although the connecting links are usually well hidden from public view. Perhaps the most important confirmation of the existence of a super-controlling body came from President Wilson.  “Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere, so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

The ultimate objective of the new policy is not to learn more secrets about the adversary, and not even to teach the masses in the West in the spirit of Marxism-Leninist ideology, but to slowly replace the free-market capitalist society, with its individual freedoms in economic and socio-political spheres of life, with a carbon copy of the “most progressive” system, and eventually merge into one worldwide system ruled by a benevolent bureaucracy which they call Socialism (or Communism, as the final and supreme stage of this “progress”). To effect this change, it is much easier … to change the perceptions of reality, attitudes, patterns of behavior and to create wide-spread demands and expectations, leading ultimately to the acceptance of totalitarianism. —TOMAS SCHUMAN (A.K.A. YURI BESMENOV) Soviet Defector

Totalitarian Islam and Communism are both revolutionary movements that drive forward to impose their dominion on all the earth—“unceasing struggle with all other cultures,” as Conquest put it in a phrase describing Communist Russia, but equally suitable to Islamic jihad.

With our tragic past of deceit and double talk, no wonder we readily ceded the history, canon, and terminology of Islam for a new Big Lie, “Islam is peace.” The government tells us “violent extremism” is what endangers us; what reason do we have to doubt it? We have no reason—capacity to reason, that is, not anymore. We have surrendered the tools of thought.



HIGH-LEVEL INTEL SOURCE TELLS PAINE: The Slow Communist Subversion Of The United States Has Culminated In The Brett Kavanaugh Case

Source: HIGH-LEVEL INTEL SOURCE TELLS PAINE: The Slow Communist Subversion Of The United States Has Culminated In The Brett Kavanaugh Case – True PunditTrue Pundit

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