We’re richer but watch out for unrest–(All Unsustainable Trends– End)

fedrealmediannetworthThe world is getting richer as global wealth surged to 20 percent above its pre-crisis peak in 2007, jumping $20.1 trillion over the past year to $263 trillion, but is generating conditions that have sparked social crises in the past, according to new research by Credit Suisse.

The U.S. led the way again with a rise of $8.9 trillion in household wealth for the 12 months ending mid-2014, the investment bank said in its Global Wealth Report.

Europe made the second-largest contribution, adding $8.1 trillion. Despite making enormous strides in recent years, China, which accounts for 21.4 percent of the adult population of the world, only added 8.1 percent of global wealth or $715 billion.

via We’re richer but watch out for unrest.

We’re richer but watch out for unrest (Because very, very few of us are remotely “richer”)

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