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The currently approved conceptual framework for American race relations dictates that whites—all of them, simply by dint of being white—are oppressors. Any deviation from this rigid script, no matter how deeply rooted in fact, must be immediately annihilated like a blood-engorged tick.

We are taught that black academic and financial underperformance—as well as black over-performance in crime—are the direct result of slavery’s horrid legacy. There are to be no other possible explanations. To note the hugely embarrassing fact that American blacks live far longer and under vastly superior economic conditions in America than they do in any majority-black nation on Earth may be factual, but it is RACIST because it undermines the ironclad Guilt Narrative that must never be questioned.

White Slavery Denial – Taki’s Magazine

images black livesBlack Lives Matter is an absurd affront to all rationality, but that is to be expected. The insanity of the responses to this aggressive, intolerant and freedom corrupting group of black activists has been nothing short of disgusting. Appeasing such total crap is just another step towards the approaching fragmented chaos that is to be America. It also will not appease anyone, but will instead likely incite the violence that is to come all the more fervently.

Winston Churchill once said, “Appeasement is like watching a crocodile eat your neighbor in the hopes that it eats you last.” The crocodile is getting damn hungry. 

Black Lives Matter Activists Tear Down Statement Supporting Police In The Name Of Not Being Silenced | JONATHAN TURLEY

We previously discussed the protest held by Black Lives Matter at the library of Dartmouth — and the relative lack of any punishment from the college. Now, Black Lives Matter activists have torn down a display honoring police officers and then reportedly stood guard over the board to prevent the College Republicans from re-posting their memorial . . . in the name of not being silenced.

On May 13th, the students with the College Republicans put up a display, which was approved beforehand by the school, that read “Blue Lives Matter” and honored police who were killed on duty. Shortly later Black Lives Matter activists tore down the memorial and put up their own posters denouncing the memorial as “co-opting” their movement and refused to allow the College Republicans to use the space that they had reserved.

Dartmouth Vice Provost Reportedly Apologizes Over Recent Library Protest To The Protesters Accused

Black Lives Matter Activists Tear Down Statement Supporting Police In The Name Of Not Being Silenced

Source: Black Lives Matter Activists Tear Down Statement Supporting Police In The Name Of Not Being Silenced | JONATHAN TURLE

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