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Mention the words “mind control” to most people and they will tell you to put on your tin foil hat. Long associated with conspiracy theories, despite so much evidence to prove it has existed in some form or another from the time humans could interact, mind control is finally getting the respect it deserves, thanks to an unprecedented era of privacy invasions on all fronts that can no longer be denied.

From the technology we have all come to know, love and depend on, such as cell phones and pads and computers, to the social networking sites we now live our entire lives on for all the world to see, to the creepy presence of cameras on street corners and satellite/drone eyes in the skies…we think we still control our own private lives. We think we control our own thoughts, desires, behaviors and actions. We think we control our own minds…but further examination proves we are exposed in ways we might never have imagined.

MindControlRFIDImplantMindControlTechnologFrom the earliest times to the present day, humans have sought ways to control other humans, even know their thoughts and possibly even change them. Throughout history, there have been religious crusades and political maneuverings specifically designed to do away with those who thought and behaved out of step with the needs and desires of those in authority positions. We see every day now reports in the media of continued attempts to control other human beings, even if it means slaughtering them or placing them into captivity, like zoo animals. Our own media serves as a weapon of mind control, delivering news and information to us that is often bought and paid for by those in power, whether political, religious or corporate. We cannot trust anything we hear anymore as fact or truth, because often it is spun to present to us a particular truth, one that usually benefits the spinner. This is mind control at its most pervasive, in the form of government, military and even corporate invasions into our personal and private domains and it happens in every country across the globe because wanting to control others is an undeniable facet of human behavior and the desire for power no matter one’s race, color or creed.

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