Why The Time To Prepare For The Coronavirus Is *NOW* -Projecting “Wave 2” and “Wave 3” of the Coronavirus Pandemic

It seems a tad odd that all of sudden there seems to be a dearth of commentary about the coronavirus pandemic. There is zero chance that the almost exponential rise in cases and the cases previously reported over the past several days outside of China, yet virtually not new cases?

NIH doctor says 25% of coronavirus cases in China are ‘very serious,’ requiring ‘intensive care’

NIH doctor says 25% of coronavirus cases in China are ‘very serious,’ requiring ‘intensive care’ from Coronavirus

Projecting “Wave 2” and “Wave 3” of the Coronavirus Pandemic

It’s too early to declare victory and too early to assume the virus can be completely eradicated in a few weeks on the SARS model.

Many people are already anticipating the end of the coronavirus pandemic and a quick return to “normal life” and renewed global growth. But if we examine the history of previous pandemics and the spread of this contagious virus, we reach a much different conclusion: “Wave 2” and “Wave 3” arising after the initial wave recedes are distinct possibilities.

The corporate media and conventional economists in the U.S. and China’s PR machine share a common goal: reassure consumers in the U.S., China and the rest of the world that everything will return to normal soon and they should continue buying stuff they don’t need (5G phones, etc.) with borrowed money.

Meanwhile, authorities in China are tracking down everyone with a Wuhan residency ID card in the hopes that quarantining every one of the tens of thousands of Wuhan residents who traveled before the citywide quarantine took effect will stop the pandemic. There are two problems with this official assumption that house-arresting everyone from Wuhan will end the pandemic

-Charles Hugh Smith: Projecting “Wave 2” and “Wave 3” of the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Shocking Truth About The Coronavirus Is Slowly But Surely Starting To Emerge

Excellent real-time virus tracking: Though, again, odd that all of sudden no new cases even in the Johns Hopkins site below?

WuFlu.live: Real-time Updates & Stats for the Wuhan Coronavirus

Coronavirus 2019-nCoV

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