We Be William Munny–US airstrikes in Afghanistan killing civilians at greatest rate for seven years

AFG_dead_children_55_-killed-by-us-nato-bombingAmerica is William Munny, we kill woman and children but in the end, we get to ride off into the sunset the hero of our own story. No one cares anymore about the continued death we bring with drone strikes in Afghanistan or anywhere else, at least not in this land of empathy, compassion and  self- righteousness.

In Afghanistan, we allow, if not participate in, the largest increase in poppy production ever and likely facilitate, as we have so many times in the past, the heroin destined for our shores and the rest of the world, bringing far more destruction than our “surgical” striking drones, but hey, it’s the CIA and serves our national interests. Talk about helping to reduce the surplus population! 

The rate at which civilians are being killed by US airstrikes in Afghanistan is at obama drone deathsits highest point since 2008, an analysis of newly published UN data reveals. Research by the Bureau shows that on average a civilian was killed every fourth drone or jet strike in 2015 – up from one in 11 attacks the year before and the first time the casualty rate has risen since 2011. The rate was last at such levels at the height of the Afghan war in 2008. 

US airstrikes in Afghanistan killing civilians at greatest rate for seven years new figures show

The Mystery of Khost

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