Winter Is Here and It will Last The Next 30-40 Years! Grand Solar Minimum & The Coming Little Ice Age

The sun fades away, the land sinks into the sea,
the bright stars disappear from the sky,
as smoke and  fire destroy the world,
and the flames burn the sky.
The end of the world according to the “Völuspa,” a collection of Icelandic myths

There is a lot here, however, between all of us worrying about the battle between the elites and Trump, there is something else creeping up on all of us that will be far more deadly than anything else that might be around the corner; a new Grand Solar Minimum and the start of a new “Little Ice Age.” What follows is a lot to digest, my apologies. I have studied the coming deep freeze for years and was planning on expounding upon this all prior to the North American icebox, but with so many other distractions did not address the issue. We must all be aware of this cycle, it is far more dangerous to each of us and our families that global warming could ever be.

Perhaps, worse for those of us that seem to be unable to escape the ancient phylogenetic, at least since the birth of human consciousness, the innate human trait of hubris, the idea that we are responsible for global events, that human activity cause the volcano and thus 1000 virgins must be sacrificed or that the minuscule CO2 that makes up our atmosphere, even where this life-giving gas has increased due to human activity, is the cause of global warming is absurd. This is particularly so, given the “warming” period due to the normal cycles of the sun, or the peak in the solar maximum, is over and the natural cyclical process of declining sunspot activity is already well underway. The real crime is not telling us the truth. Nothing is more important, not even the machinations in Washington than becoming aware of the coming ice age and how we can all adapt to live through it!

Imagine a movement so bent on achieving its political objectives that it is willing to corrupt science to meet them.

Imagine governments around the globe, first adopting and then promoting this official science for more than two generations.

Imagine that they are willing to use their regulatory power to implement a massive program of social engineering in order to “save” the planet.

Imagine the United Nations leading this movement and insisting that a global effort is required.

Imagine the movement’s leaders believing that people around the globe must change their eating, heating, cooling, lighting, toilet, transportation, manufacturing, entertainment, even housing habits and reject values that are critical to their prosperity, happiness, and welfare, confident that humans can adapt and revert to simpler, more primitive, more local lifestyles, have fewer children, and embrace lives presumed to be more in harmony with nature.

Imagine thousands of scientists engaged at public expense in developing a convincing rationale for this unprecedented project.

Imagine that these scientists are willing to compromise their integrity in pursuit of the role of a single factor that they insist controls the most complex and chaotic earth system, a molecule – carbon dioxide – that is literally the building block of all of life.

Imagine that they believe that by reducing its minuscule – .04 percent – presence in the atmosphere, the planet will cool and climate will stabilize at an optimum level, a level seen only in microseconds of geological time.

Imagine scientists who dismiss the work of hundreds of their colleagues and believe that their work must be suppressed.

Imagine a scientific movement dominated by greedy grant farmers and cheered on by the media, insisting that there is no further need to study the science and that governments need to start implementing its preferred policy of worldwide social engineering.

Imagine that many leaders of this movement believe that the world’s population needs to be thinned down to a billion people within a generation or two.

Imagine that some of the movement’s most revered leaders, even as they advocate that ordinary people must curb their consumption and live simpler lives, pursue lifestyles that consume more energy and other commodities in a year than an ordinary family of four would need over its lifetime.

Imagine a movement whose leaders habitually dissemble and mislead and justify this on the claimed greater good they are pursuing.

Imagine politicians, civil servants, scientists, activists, and the media flying from one exotic location to another as they plan what must be done to coerce changes in our lifestyles, even to the point of sacrificing human freedom and democracy. Most thoughtful people would conclude that only Hollywood could come up with such a bizarre plot. A little more thinking, however, and they might connect the dots. There is such a movement, and it has demanded our attention for more than thirty years. It has devoured billions of dollars in public money and has inserted its menacing tentacles into every aspect of modern life. The UN and all its organs are the leading force behind it, but most governments of the world support it in one way or another. Elites, the media, and even religious leaders have embraced it, even though they seem poorly informed and ignore its demands while urging others to adopt sharply reduced lifestyles. The public face of this science, climate science, is part of a worrying new trend: the emergence of “official” or consensus science.

Similar to that of the eugenics movement at the beginning of the 20th century, future generations will study global warming and the role of the IPCC as one of the prime examples of the corrupting influence of motivated reasoning and official science. Progressive thinkers at that time, eugenics was widely held to be the sane thing to do in the face of a rapidly growing population, particularly the numbers of poor people and other “undesirables.”

Historian Jacob Talmon observed more than half a century ago: [this kind of movement] is based upon the assumption of a sole and exclusive truth in politics. … It recognizes ultimately only one plane of existence, the political. It widens the scope of politics to embrace the whole of human existence. It treats all human thought and action as having social significance, and therefore as falling within the orbit of political action. … Politics is defined as the art of applying this philosophy to the organization of society, and the final purpose of politics is only achieved when this philosophy reigns supreme over all fields of life. … This is the curse of salvationist creeds: to be born out of the noblest impulses of man and to degenerate into weapons of tyranny. An exclusive creed cannot admit opposition.”

Having gained control of the commanding public heights of the issue, from government environment and meteorology departments to some of the leading science journals and the two key UN agencies – the UN Environmental Program (UNEP) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) – the “experts” have resorted to demonizing their critics as cranks and shills in the pay of questionable business interests, no matter how false the charges. Sceptics have had to fight an uphill battle. And yet, their numbers have grown, and the claims of the alarmist community have become ever more shrill.

It is not difficult to conclude that the rise of climate alarmism to the top of the global anxiety agenda has been a matter of design. The means by which a broad section of the public has been convinced that dangerous global warming is occurring are not subtle and include: reports from the United Nations, principally through the IPCC; incessant lobbying by environmental NGOs and allied scientists, political groups, and businesses; pleas for funding from climate scientists who have found that work tied to the anxiety agenda is more likely to be funded; and the obliging promulgation of selectively alarmist climate information by the media. The media are particularly prone to broadcasting correlation studies, omitting the many caveats that accompany them as well as the warning that correlation points to issues ripe for further investigation, not to cause and effect.

Hubris: The Troubling Science, Economics, and Politics of Climate Change (Hart, Michael)

Winter is here. And it is not a nuclear winter, at least not yet. It is the arrival of a long-awaited Grand Solar Minimum one that, given the confluence of a number of long-range cycles with other absolutely factual dynamics such as the dramatic shifting in the polar magnetic fields that is now occurring, the slowing spin of the earth and the cosmic ray effected depletion of the protective ionized fields protecting the earth., is very likely to be as destructive or considerably worse than the Maunder Minimum, called the “little ice-age” for very appropriate reasons. This period, when the sun became dormant of sunspot activities as it does in very defined cycles, between 1645-1715, although on either side of these dates the effects of global cooling, particularly so in the northern hemisphere, resulted in shorter growing periods, far colder than normal winters and significant population starvation. Some consider the extent of the cooling period from the late 1300’s to the mid-1800’s, however, the true peak in global cooling occurred during the two major Grand Solar Minimums. 

As is expected for this cycle, which it is estimated to have begun this year or the last, and will keep the world in a cold freeze for the next 40-60 years. Summers will come, but they will tend to be cooler and shorter, with the occasional growing season so short that major starvation will encompass the world. Food prices will rise dramatically regardless, simply from even a few days shorter growing seasons for such absolute staples as wheat, corn, and other grains.

There is one other major consideration as well, there is an absolutely direct correlation between a solar minimum and increased geophysical activities on earth; earthquakes and volcanic activity increase much–the radical increase in cosmic rays coursing through the earth due to the reduction in the earth outer atmospheric layers ionization, all of which is the result of lower activity on the surface of the sun. It is not a coincidence that there has been an increase in earthquake activities around the world, particularly of import is the historical evidence of much increased seismic activity in the New Madrid Fault Zone, which covers the southern to middle Midwest. A serious earthquake in this region would have an enormous impact on this nation, as the critical infrastructure from gas and oil pipelines to the major trucking highways would be seriously disrupted.

In addition, and perhaps even more worrisome to the entire global human population is that Grand Solar Minimums and the historical record is irrefutable, cause a dramatic rise in the worlds volcanic activity. Have you noticed that this is occurring now? From Iceland and Washington State to Bali and other hot spots, the risks have visibly risen that one, if not several possible major volcanic eruptions may be arriving at our doorsteps in the very near future.

If there is a significant volcanic event, which should absolutely be anticipated by all of humanity, there will be another “year without summer” which occurred when Mount Tambora erupted in the Dutch Indies during the Dyer Minimum Solar Cycle in 1815 near the end of the Dalton Minimum which is considered the end of the long-term cycle of what was considered to be still a part of the full extent of the “Little Ice Age”. Or, the extremely powerful eruption in Iceland in 1783, the early phase of the Dalton Minimum solar cycle, which affected the entire worlds food supplies through drought, colder weather and shorter growing periods and brought mass starvation and social disruptions.

This is what lies ahead for us all. I ask and will do so many times in later posts, to what ends have the real hidden hands behind the global cult of anthropogenic global warming or climate change,  been keeping the world in the dark about the real threat to humankind and most plant and animal life on Planet Earth. Being ill-prepared for a period of cataclysmic global cooling from the already entered new Grand Solar Minimum which will have a far great impact on the survivorship of billions of people than warming and rising sea levels ever could.

The available land mass for human living and food growing has not remotely been tapped, particularly so if the world warms!!!! If it cools, which is the cycle we are now within, a cycle that is far more concisely modeled by historical records and data than any government and foundation financed pseudoscience that we are indoctrinated ad nauseam to believe to be fact and proven beyond any room for doubts. It is the greatest and most dangerous con game the elites have ever foisted upon the brainwashed herds. We will be unprepared and many, many will die–this may be the goal of depopulation they have wished to impose upon the world for generations.

This 1783 Volcanic Eruption Changed The Course Of History


This has nothing to do with human impact on climate change, but instead the actions of the sun and how solar cycles impact our climate as well. It’s based on a mathematical model that shows the sun might “quiet” down in the coming years thus impacting our climate as well. This is not a climate change denial article, please read it before commenting.

A few months ago, NASA published a study showing that Antarctica is actually gaining more ice than it is losing. They made the announcement after using satellites to examine the heights of the region’s ice sheet. The findings contradict the prevailing theory that Antarctica has actually been shrinking, however. The paper is titled “Mass gains of the Antarctic ice sheet exceed losses” and was published in the Journal of Glaciology.

The authors of this study are from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, and the cause of this ice gain isn’t entirely known, but a number of theories are mentioned in the paper. It is worth mentioning, however, that NASA was blasted by dozens of their own scientists regarding their global warming stance, even though a number of the world’s top scientists have questioned just how much an impact greenhouse gases have on climate change. You can read more about that here. (source)

Perhaps there are other factors contributing to climate change?


Winter Is Coming Warns The Solar Physicist The Alarmists Tried To Silence

Solar minimum is coming

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