The world order is crumbling – “Pax Americana” is dying –

The world order based around a state of relative international peace regarded as being overseen by the US, known as “Pax Americana” has come to an end.

Obama-my-work-here-is-done5Six months into 2016 and the world looks decidedly nervous and edgy from a geopolitical viewpoint. A dramatic oil price plunge has pushed producing nations into near crisis as the international scrap for market share follows a bid by a collapsing OPEC cartel to fight off American production. China’s economic woes continue to destabilise markets the world over. The USA is clearly becoming more hostile, even warlike towards Russia, who in turn appears to be gearing up to defend itself from increasingly belligerent and aggressive NATO commanders who are facilitating Europe’s encirclement of Russian borders. The latest weaponry pointed directly at Moscow does not help relations. The Western occupation of Middle Eastern countries continues to inflate the refugee crisis that in turn foments a highly toxic undercurrent of nationalism that is literally tearing the European Union apart.

The catastrophic failure of western foreign policy in the Middle East looks set to encourage Islamic terrorism in Europe. In the meantime populist rebellions emerge as rising inequality in the West sees neoliberalism literally devouring itself in an orgy of profit taking with the ensuing cost to humanity and the world ecology.

After the catastrophic events of two world wars and the peace that followed, the world order is crumbling. Capitalism and social democracy are both failed models as both seemed unable to curtail their extremes. At the moment there is nothing to replace either of these ideologies and so conflict, one way or another, looks set to dominate and dictate world economic events in the years ahead.

Add to the mix unsustainable growth, climate change, species destruction along with new technologies that enlarges globalisation it seems just as inevitable that resources will be fought over not negotiated.

The world order is crumbling Pax Americana is dying

Source: The world order is crumbling – “Pax Americana” is dying – TruePublica

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