Yelp was right to fire entitled millennial who whined about salary online | New York Post

Memo to Millennials: Corporate America doesn’t want to have a “dialogue” about your “concerns.” Being an employee is not like being a college student. Your boss isn’t there to give you a cuddle and establish a committee to change his ways for you.Your employers can and will fire you for making them look bad. This is as it must be.

A 25-year-old San Francisco Yelp employee named Talia Jane didn’t like the salary she was offered at the groovy tech company Yelp. So did she decline the job offer and take her skill set to a higher bidder? No, she accepted the gig, then publicly whined about her salary. In an open letter. To her CEO. Whom she called out by name.

Yelp was right to fire entitled millennial who whined about salary online

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